Here is some of my work.


Making Mom Sad – WordPress blog

This is a blog I put together in under a week. You can browse it at



SUBCONSCIOUS – WordPress e-commerce site

This is an e-commerce store I put together in under a week to sell my clothes and prints of the oil paintings I create. You can browse it (or purchase something) at



Pixovery – iPhone app (deprecated)

I created an iPhone app called Pixovery – it is a game where someone takes a picture, and other users have the opportunity to try and match that picture by going to where the picture was taken. It is in the app store, feel free to download it and try it out. There aren’t many users so it isn’t very active, but you can test it out and see what I have done.



First Contact WordPress Theme

This is a WordPress theme I created for blogs. It includes posting/commenting, social media plugins, and an original design.



MEAN stack – Hackabox project

This is a MEAN stack (MongoDB/ExpressJS/AngularJS/NodeJS) that I used to create a forum. There is a user system as well as being able to post and comment.



VALPAK New Customer Calculator

This is a simple calculator/form based on a very simple algorithm for determining the worth of a new customer.