Hi, my name is Eamon White – I am 31 years old, and living outside of Boston, MA. I’m a freelance programmer, specializing in app development and web development, but I am open to exploring any platform. I enjoy learning new frameworks/languages/APIs; I am able to learn new things quickly. I have been interested in computers ever since my family bought its first one in 1995. It was a Hewlett Packard, I learned how to use it immediately to play games, but I soon became curious with what was going on in the background. My early days were spent on MSDOS, and then the early GUI based Windows operating systems (I have a Mac now). Any problems that arose, I figured out how to fix – and I learned a lot this way. To this day, I’m fairly certain that I have never been beaten by a computer problem. By age 15, I was able to build computers, and I learned a lot about networking through renting game servers and dealing with various network issues that I encountered. I studied programming (Java) in high school and in college at UMASS Boston (although I have not graduated). I have learned a lot on my own just from being curious. I also enjoy music, art. I have played guitar for ten years, and I also oil paint. I also like riding my bike, and spending time with friends.